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U.F.O. Catcher and Pussy Game t-shirt Kickstarter!

2013-01-02 18:31:30 by GoshaDole

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radiogosha/r adio-gosha-presents-ufo-catcher-and-pussy-game-s h

I'm happy to announce, for anyone interested, that my shirt Kickstarter has officially launched! This Kickstarter features two designs based on two of my animations "U.F.O. Catcher" and "Pussy Game"! You can get some sweet incentives if you back, including a couple of prints, cool buttons, and more!

Thanks again to anyone who backs this project, I'm really hoping these get printed!

U.F.O. Catcher and Pussy Game t-shirt Kickstarter!


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2013-01-09 13:51:59

Dude, why are your songs NOT on Technika 3 machines?!