New animation coming along...

2015-11-15 15:46:02 by GoshaDole

So I thought I’d share some captured screens of the new animation I’ve been working on this past year or so.  I took some time off for personal reasons, so I’m sorry if I seem to have disappeared from the animation scene for the past couple years… sometimes life just happens.

 I’m currently winding down on getting the final scenes for it animated, then I need to go back and do some visual effects/cleanup.  I’ve been posting a lot of snippets on my Facebook page, which you can find here…

Even though these are still WIP, I hope you guys enjoy the previews.  I’m really looking forward to showing you guys it when its all together~!




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2015-11-15 16:56:21

Wow nice style!


2015-11-15 17:04:12

AAAAH TOO SEXY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2015-11-15 18:46:34

Looks very promising! :D


2015-11-17 06:34:11

WOW! didn't think I'd hear from you on newgrounds again, welcome back!
looking forward to seeing this when it's done.


2015-11-21 13:06:54

Hype as all balls