Click Bait w/ S3RL New Radio Gosha animation is live!

2016-08-04 09:50:07 by GoshaDole

It has been awhile since I've put anything new out.  I'm proud to release this new music video, in collaboration with producer S3RL!  This year marks the 10th anniversary of both my studio and his work.  Hope you all enjoy!!

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You can check out more from S3RL on the following sites as well!


Thanks again for all your support over the years! I might not post a ton here, but I still love the NG community. :)


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2016-08-04 10:23:58

Amazing <3

GoshaDole responds:

Thank you!


2016-08-05 13:17:03

Awesome! What do you use to make this animation?

GoshaDole responds:

Just Animate CC.


2016-08-06 05:29:24

but that cartoon looks totally 3d. I thought it was some 3d animation

GoshaDole responds:

Nope! Lots of frame by frame, masking, and mixing of tweens~!